All processing of personal data in the context of the QMLR Archive by 1COR is within the scope of this policy.


The QMLR Editorial Board is responsible for ensuring that this privacy policy is correct and available on the website and to make all data subjects aware of the contents of this notice prior to 1COR commencing collection of their data.

All members of the QMLR Editorial Board and technical support who need to collect personal data are required to follow this procedure.

Privacy Notice

– When personal data is collected from data subject with consent:

1COR is transparent in its processing of personal data and provides the data subject with the following:

– QMLR’s identity, name and brand, the contact details of 1COR and any data protection representatives;

– Where relevant, 1COR’s legitimate interests that provide the legal basis for the processing;

– Any information on website technologies used to collect personal data about the data subject, such as WordPress;

– Any other information required to demonstrate that the processing is fair and transparent.

– Privacy notice for this personal data processing is recorded.

– When personal data has been obtained from a source other than the data subject:

– The data subject will be contacted to ensure that they have consented for their personal data to be processed.

The Privacy notice for this personal data processing is recorded.

– 1COR provides the information stated above to the data subject:

Within one month of obtaining the personal data, in accordance with the specific circumstances of the processing;

– When first communicating in circumstances where the personal data is used to contact the data subject;

– When personal data is first provided in circumstances where the personal data is disclosed to another recipient.

– The above clauses do not apply:

– If the data subject already has the information;

– If the provision of the above information proves impossible or would involve an excessive effort;

– If obtaining or disclosure of personal data is expressly identified by Member State law; or

– If personal data must remain confidential subject to an obligation of professional secrecy regulated by Member State law, including a statutory obligation of secrecy.

Third Party Data Processing

Our Editorial Team, comprised of 1COR members, and the 1COR Marketing Manager, manage the QMLR and have access to any data submitted to the blog. This enables them to approve comments, monitor spam and manage the email subscription service.

The QMLR uses third parties to manage the website and process personal data in accordance with the data subject’s preferences. The third parties, and how the QMLR uses them, are outlined below:

WordPress: The QMLR is a WordPress website, any information supplied by commentators, contributors, authors, Editors and Administrators is stored by WordPress.

Tela: The QMLR technical support and 1COR web design agency.

Data required by WordPress to allow for comment on our articles is stored by WordPress and only reviewed by the Editors to prevent spam accounts. Data subjects are automatically asked to manage their preferences by WordPress when commenting and can choose to comment using their Twitter, WordPress or Facebook accounts instead of providing contact details.

How to Unsubscribe and the ‘Right to be Forgotten’.

At any point the data subject can unsubscribe from the QMLR subscription service. An option to unsubscribe is included in every subscription email.

To invoke your ‘right to be forgotten’, please email our Data Protection Officer at with ‘right to be forgotten’ in the subject line. Your request will be acknowledged and all personal data deleted after a 6 month retention period.

At any point, our Editorial Team reserve the right to unsubscribe or delete the data subject’s personal data without prior warning.

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